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January 25
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MH: aisaka Noriko by meibellum MH: aisaka Noriko by meibellum
because all i ever post is apps :iconpapmingplz:
aaah but yeah, it looks like a cool group, so i thought it'd be fun to try out uvu


Name : Aisaka, Noriko 

Nickname(s) : Riko

Age : 16

Year : 2nd

Birthday : March 17th

Gender : Female

Boarding School or Home : Boarding 

Club: Swimming

Personality :

quiet | kind | not very intelligent | thoughtful | loyal | not good with emotions

Noriko doesn't speak much, unless she has something to say, which can sometimes make her come off as cold. She's aware of the fact that's she not very smart, so she tries to remain quiet so she doesn't bother others. However, she's a very hard worker and always puts other before herself, trying to make up for her lack of being special. That's another trait; she has very low self-esteem. She's also bad when it comes to emotions, and tends to avoid dealing with feelings and the like if she can help it. Noriko doesn't make friends or get attached to peopled easily, but when she does, she's fiercely loyal.

Likes :
- flowers
- swimming
- anime
- napping
- cleaning
- animals (her favorite is a bear)
- hairpins
- movies, especially old films
- working

Dislkes :
- herself
- being unintelligent
- speaking too much
- pineapples
- being a bother
- bugs

History :
- she grew up Kahoku in the Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan with her mom and her little brother Haru (13); her father lived in the country on a farm with her older sister Rui(18) and brother Seiji(19). Their parents got a divorce a year after Haru was born, and the younger children were taken by their mother, while the older ones went with their father.

- Noriko was young when her parents spilt up, so she doesn't remember too much

- as they all grew up, each of them found something they excelled in; Haru was a talented musician and formed a band with his friends, Rui was a skilled engineer and is currently saving up money to go to an engineering college, and even Seiji made an excellent farmer,  the crops growing large and delicious and the animals completely adoring him. However, Noriko couldn't find anything she was good at. 

- her parents put most of their attention and effort toward the children that were good at things, since though they loved Noriko as well, she seemed not to care that they didn't pay attention to her (she did care, she just hates dealing with feelings and being a bother)

- had always had a fascination in shrines, so she worked hard to get into Miyagawa High

Extra :
- gets B's in class, but even those grades she has to work incredibly hard to get
- covers her face with her hair as to not draw attention to herself
- loves her family very much, she just wishes she could improve herself so she could feel like she's worth their love too
- keeps plants in her room; she likes taking care of them
- is a terrible cook
- bows a lot and is very apologetic
- tends to trip and crash into things orz also has a very bad sense of direction
- loves swimming, even though she's not super fast, but she's trying to get better
- is still trying to find something she's talented at

Relationships : 
:bulletblack: - dislike
:bulletgreen: - acquaintance
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: - friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: - good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: - best friend
:bulletpurple: - admiration 
+:bulletpink: crush
:bulletred: - love

Hayashi Akane: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:- super cool and beautiful senpai who taught her to cook! Noriko looks up to Akane very much, though she sometimes worries that she's bothering her---

Kojima Rui: :bulletgreen::bulletpurple: - aaahhhh handsome senpai is so aloof and cool~ * ^ * Noriko enjoyed having lunch and watching the snowfall with him, and she hopes to get to talk to him more in the future!

Nejiko Haruki: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletpurple: - Noriko met him while at swim practice, and was a bit taken back by his happy and outgoing nature-- however she does admire him for it-- he reminds her of sunshine, she wishes she could be like that too orz 

Aragaki Nori: :bulletgreen: - they met briefly, and he seemed nice u v u

Raphael Risa: :bulletgreen::bullet green:- aaahh they met in the cafeteria after she crashed into him twice She thinks he's very interesting, and would like to talk to him more! She also enjoyed showing him her favorite American silent films, since most wouldn't be interested in them

Mizushima Kanon: :bulletgreen: - her roommate! Noriko hasn't really formed an opinion on her yet aha, but she seems nice uvu 

Konda Isei: :bulletgreen: - another nice boy who she had lunch with one time!

Akimoto Kumiko: :bulletgreen: - she seems a little odd, but overall nice!

aaahhh so yeah! feel free to rp with me, i'd love to eeee :iconteyuplz:
thanks and i hope we can all be friends!

art, Noriko (c) me

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Kittyliciouz Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
aaaayyy-- another m-h cutsiee~
maybe you'd like to rp sometime~<33
hyeuna Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

yAAAY noriko and nanako are the class reps holla. 


i miss rping with you :c
meibellum Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SAME AJHDFGJS-- :iconcraiplz:

we need to rp agian soon okay i miss you and your wonderful little girl <33333
Fruit-Crayons Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
aaaaaa you added a relationships wowowow ;w;
SoulEvans Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
(( it is xD ))

Kou:  Kou was sitting on a Bench Outside on Campus, taking a small break and eating his Lunch. The Boy decide to eat Outside, since he got a small Headache and the Cafetaria would be too noisy for him right now. In addition, the weather was great for being Outside and all. So why not? For a second he looked backwards when he suddenly heard some Steps coming his way and saw the Girl wandering around. He kept starring at her until she almost walked past him and chuckled quietly. You could easily see her troubled Face. "Excuse me! Do you need any help?" He put his Lunch to the Side and leaned his Arms on the Back of the Bench.
meibellum Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Noriko: Upon hearing the boy's voice, she looked over at him, and quickly became a bit flustered. "Oh um--- n-no---its okay....I'm just a little lost is all..." Her voice got quieter as the sentence went on and she glanced to side; she would hate to disturb this stranger while he's eating his lunch. But maybe asking for directions wouldn't be too troublesome? "It's just, ah-- do you know where the cafeteria is from here? I was on my way to lunch but I got swept into a crowd of 3rd years and lost my way" :iconsatoshineplz:
SoulEvans Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Kou: He couldn't help but laugh and he had to admit that he would have loved to see that, but kept quit about it to not be too rude. "So you are looking for the Cafeteria? Isn't it at the End of the Entrance Area?" He was pointing to the Right Side to show her the Way. He was sitting Outside, right begind the Library. The Girl only would have to turn around the Corner and go straight to arrive at the the Fountains before the Entrace. No surprise she got swept away, since the Cafeteria was near the Classes of the Third Years.And at this kind of Time he would imagine that it would be quite chaotic there. Kou chuckled again, but stopped soon afterwards and shook his Head. "If you want I can show you the way, so that you wont get lost again!" A big wide grind appeared on his Face and put his Lunch back into his Bag. He stood up and walked towards the Girl. "I'm Ichinose Kou!" he said and his Grin changed into a soft smile.
meibellum Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Noriko: She looked even more embarrassed when he laughed, but then blinked at him when he said where the cafeteria was. "Hu? Over there...? Awh gee--" With a groan  she slapped herself on the forehead, hopping slightly and shaking her head. "I shouldve known aaahh--! Very sorry for bothering you-- oh--" Noriko blinked at his offer and gave a sheepish look, rubbing the back of her head. "Ah-- I would hate to trouble you, since you're enjoying your lunch here-- oh-- I'm Aisaka Noriko, nice to meet you Ichinose-kun." She gave a small bow out of respect.
SoulEvans Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Kou: "So it's Aisaka-san, heh?" he slowly tilted his Head to the Side and smiled. He then looked into the Direction he pointed to earlier. "Well dont worry. I'm thirsty anyways. And I dont have something with me right now. So you wont be troubling me." Kou answered and gently put his Hand on top of her Head and started to pet it for a brief second.  //Maybe my Headache will disappear if I drink something// The Boy thought and slowly started to walk, but stopped soon after to make sure she would be following him. "Seems like you are a Second Year too? Which Class?"
meibellum Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Noriko: She nodded, then gave a greaful smile when he said it wouldnt be a problem, though her eyes seemed a bit nervous still. "Ah, okay--! Well thanks very much then!" Noriko nodded again, then laughed lightly when he pet her head. Once Kou started walking, she followed, walking beside him. "Ah, yes! I'm Class 2-B-- and you?" *blinku*
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