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Illegibilus: Henry Bennett by meibellum Illegibilus: Henry Bennett by meibellum

weeps so this took a very long time to update but its finally done! im excited to be active in this group uhuhuhu///////


• Name: Henriette Bennett , but goes by Henry

• Age: 16

• Gender: Female

• Height: 5 feet

• Weight: 100 lbs.

• Birthday: January 11th

• House: Slytherin

• Year: 6

• Personality: smart | cold | quiet | studious | blunt | hard-working | revengeful 

Henry is generally a quiet person-- she wont say too much unless she's interested in something. She won't bother with boring conversation, and anything that she finds a waste of time she'll immediately leave behind. It's not unlike her to say to someone's face "i'm uninterested in what you're saying" and walk away. However, she's not intentionally rude-- though she knows her behavior isn't common, she doesn't really care. She is motivated solely by her goals, and doesn't care if her means of achieving them are a bit unorthodox. Revenge is a large motivator for Henry as well-- she holds grudges and almost never lets them go. Her voice might be cute, but her words are cold as ice, since she spends no time in trying to make others feel welcome around her. She's not completely heartless though-- in rare occasions, she'll take pity on others and act kindly-- though she'll deny this. She doesn't want to be thought of as soft hearted!
However, Henry is a very hard-worker, especially when it comes to school or researching. She doesn't mind helping others study-- in fact, she enjoys spreading knowledge (as long as they know they owe her a debt of course) She also loves animals, and they're generally drawn to her-- she's made many friends already with wild ones. 

lonely | scared | doubtful | possessive 

Under her calm and cold top layer though, Henry actually isn't as strong as she'd let on. Years of bullying among other events have caused her to put up a shell because she's scared of getting close to people. It's hard to become close to her because of this-- when people start getting too comfy with her, she'll push them away and lash out, which makes it very hard to stay close with her. She's terrified of being abandoned, and doesnt want people to know her too well out of fear they'll leave if they found out her darker parts. Those she does become close with though, she'll latch onto and become fiercely protective over, whether they like it or not. She also doubts herself a lot, but keeps it out of her mind and tries her best to focus on her goals without questioning them. Recent events with her aunt have made her scared of what kind of person she is-- she was never quite sure if she was a good person or not, but she feels as if the path she's pushed down now is leading her one way. The farther she's pushed, the more she'll accept that she's not a good person-- even though that's not true.

• Background:

Henry's family is made up of wealthy purebloods, almost all of them being part of the Ravenclaw house when they attended Hogwarts. The Bennetts are known for their cold and calm demeanor-- all of them graduated with high marks and bright futures. So keeping with tradition, when Henry was born, her parents Regina and Horace raised her with a focus on learning. Unlike the other children her age, Henry would be out exploring and experimenting and taking notes, her big glasses and frizzy brown hair making her recognizable in the neighborhood. However often times her family kept her indoors, and had many tutors come to teach her instead of having her attend school. Growing up she never made any friends her age-- sometimes other children would speak to her, but she was too busy with her constant lessons to interact with them much.

The girl had trouble fitting in with her family though. None of them seemed to understand her darker sides, like how she was quick to perform tasks of revenge or her growing interest in the dark arts, She was entranced by all the power dark magic could give someone-- her family quickly attempted to shut down these desires of hers though. Her aunt Tansy, though, understood her. She was the only Slytherin in the family, and unlike the others, she had a dark magnetism to her, a certain charm and wit that caused her to be able to manipulate others easily. Henry absolutely adored her, and she would always show Tansy her recent experiments and research. Tansy was also the only to support Henry's growing darker natures, encouraging her to continue to be ambitious and not afraid to get revenge on those who got in her way. 

Upon receiving her Hogwarts letter, her family was thrilled, knowing she'd be talented with magic and a wonderful Ravenclaw-- her parents and Tansy though, had a suspicion she'd be in Slytherin, which ended up being true. The rest of the family looked down on her a bit because of this, and Henry noticed. She felt ostracized, and though her parents tried their best to accommodate her, she only truly felt comfortable with her aunt.

Her first few years did not go well. Because of her lack of social interaction when she was younger, Henry was unable to fit in and was constantly harassed and bullied. She wasn't very strong though, and because she didn't want to cause trouble she rarely fought back-- though on the inside she would be fuming. It was so hard for her to let them bother her, but at this point she still desperately wanted to be accepted into the family, and she knew that if she made waves that she'd never fit in at home either.

This anger began growing in her, and by the time she was in her 5th year she had just about had it with the bullying. Henry had no interest in anyone but herself and Tansy-- she had grown resentful of everyone, even her parents, and was ready to have a year dedicated to keeping away from bullies and studying. However, it didn't exactly go as she had planned. Surprisingly, she had met people and they didn't seem completely put off by her. Tore Vitaliy stuck out in particular--- after a while he managed to become someone Henry thought fondly of, and soon found that she managed to open up a little bit for the first time.

The events of that year did have a negative effect on her though. Her aunt went missing about halfway through the year, and she completely went into herself to keep her mind off of it. The loss of her aunt was devastating, and she spent a long time keeping away from others. Then, after the killing of one of her teachers, Henry didn't know what to think--- her mind was latched onto all the power the convicted professor had gained through dark magic. She remembered the fire and the greenhouse events, and couldn't stop thinking about them, about how much she wanted to have that much power. Those thoughts scared her, so she tried her best to push them down and focus on being a good student.

However, one night at the beginning of the summer, Tansy returned. She had snuck back into the Bennett manor and confronted Henry, telling her of the organization she had joined that was focused on using dark magic to get ahead. They had big things planned, and Tansy spoke of how she wanted Henry to join them. "No one could hurt you," she said, "No one will ever be able to get in your way again." Henry was hesitant at first, but the thought of getting revenge for all those years of suffering was too good for her to just push down again. And so, with the help of Tansy's manipulative words, Henry became a youth member in this dark organization.

Currently she's about to start her 6th year at Hogwarts, and is ready to put aside her earlier worries about making waves. This year she's going to get what she wants, no matter what.

• Family:
Mother - Regina Bennett - 41 - strict, studious, kind, incredibly smart, a researcher for the Ministry, like her husband
Father - Horace Bennett - 43 - stern and very rational, but has a soft spot for his wife and daughter, doesn't get along with his sister
Aunt - Tansy Bennet - 33 - Horace's little sister, classic Slytherin though is fiercely loyal to people's close with, a lot like Henry except with more wit and charm, not socially awkward at all, very manipulative

(has many other family members but she's not very close with any of them)

• Likes & Dislikes:
+ experiments and research
+ Tansy
+ Tore
+ Prescott
+ lizards
+ achieving her goals
+ hair pins
+ space
+ rain
+ getting good grades
+ having power/feeling like she's in control

- being bothered while she's trying to work
- being underestimated
- tattle-tales
- people touching things that are hers
- her glasses/hair getting in her way
- herself
- her family
- bullies
- putting up with bullies 

• Elective Classes:
Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:
Earth Magic
Ancient Studies

• Spells: 
Lumos Charm - creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered
Incendio - Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster
Engorgio - Causes an object to swell in size. This does work on living creatures, and is a popular charm for use in trick candies, among other things.
Furnunculus - Causes the victim to break out in extremely painful boils, which may persist for several hours unless tended to.
Silencio - Magically silences the target of the spell.
Incarcerous - Sends thick ropes out of thin air to wrap around someone or something.

• Wand Ingredients - A list of all acceptable components
Core: unicorn
Length: 10 in.
Wood: fir
Flexibility: brittle

• Pet
Name: Prescott
Species: Lizard
Gender: Male
Personality: friendly, overprotective of Henry, a bit of a doof

• Achievements -
<da:thumb id="442343016"><da:thumb id="490729157">

• Relationships -

Tore - she's become incredibly possessive over him after their fast-forming friendship began. pretty much if Tore doesn't like you, Henry wont either-- she'll have a personal vendetta against anyone that hurts him as well. Her feelings for him are purely platonic, though she does get teased by her family about their constant owling. she's most open with him out of all people, though she still hasn't opened up fully because she's scared of what he'd think if he knew everything.

Windell - she's not too familiar with them yet, but Tore like them so Henry is trying to keep an optimistic view until she can actually make a judgement

Cathy - she barely interacted with the girl but from the looks of it she seems quite capable. Henry admired the way she handled ths situation in the hedgemaze. however, she's still reserving judgement until she actually gets the chance to meet Cathy


aahh thanks for reading! ;;;; if you'd like to rp feel free to comment or something aaaaaa////// i hope you like my little lizard girl! :iconblushuplz:

art, Henry (c) me

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