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DoubutsuOu: Mori by meibellum DoubutsuOu: Mori by meibellum

hello hello~!
uwaah so this is my girl for this lovely group!! it looks very cool and i'm hoping that my dorky cat makes it in! ; 7 ; <3 if she does get in i'll definitely redo the art though ajhfgdfjg since i dont like how this came out ///weeps


Name: Moriko, Ueda

Nickname: Mori (goes by this)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5 feet 2 inches, 105 pounds

♕ The Cats :iconyaytigerplz:

+ strong
+ hand-to-hand combat/using bat
+ agile
+ good at hiding out/ sneak attacks

-  hard to get motivated if she doesnt want to do something
-  long-rang fighting
-  not good in a team
-  all about self-preservation

Weapon(s): Spiky Bat !!!

► Sharp-Tongued - often times Mori will says things without thinking of the effect it will have on the other person, even if what she says is blunt or mean-- however she does mean well-- she never intentionally hurts anyone, unless she doesnt like them
► Quick-Witted - she's smart and she knows it-- Mori can think on her feet and often times will act on it without informing anyone else of the logic unless reminded
► Practical - she doesnt act unless she knows it's a good idea, and everything she does she does with purpose
► Patient 
► Tends to hide her deep emotions, vents all her feelings through fighting
► Determined - if something is important to Mori, she'll stop at nothing to achieve that goal-- however considering it's hard to get her motivated, this mostly just works for self-serving purposes

- cats
- comfortable clothes
- rain
- bubblegum
- strong/determined/honest people
- the cat charm on her belt, her brother won it in a school contest and gave it to her
- ramen

- working for others
- anything involving school
- dogs (she's secretly scared of them shhhh dont tell)
- boardgames
- fake people


▷ Mori grew up with her mother and big brother Akihiro -- her father had left them when she was 3 and she had never really known him
▷ they were poor -- her mother owned a laundromat and they lived in an apartment above it-- but she tried her best to give her children a happy life
▷ when her brother turned 18 (Mori was 13) he moved out and started working as a mechanic, though he's been getting promotions -- he still sends money to them now when he can manage
▷ her mother had trouble dealing with her son moving out and started drinking a lot--taking a toll on her work
▷ Mori dropped out of school when she was 15 and now runs the laundromat, since her mother cant handle it anymore
▷ had a lot of anger issues because she had no outlet to cope with what she was going through, but when she found out about the gangs and their fight, she decided to put her energy into that
▷  joined the Cats because they seems the strongest and she respects strength

- hood is attached to back of sweater with a button
- dyed hair, it's actually black
- chews gum a lot
- her mother knows a bit about her gang activity, but not enough to do anything about it-- even if she did know, she probably wouldnt do anything
- draws whiskers on her face


aaahhh my nose is running so much, i think i caught a cold--!! guess i need sleep uwaahh
but yeah, i hope you like Mori! thanks for looking at my app! ^ O ^ <333


art, character (c) meibellum
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rind Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist
sdjkfdsfdsf omgooosssshhh she is flipping adorablee!!! I love her design!!! fsdkjfsdlfds
Good luck getting in!! >W< though you dont need it!~ ////////////////

I hope we can rp if we both make it in!!!
meibellum Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aahhh well thank you so much !!! ; 7 ; <333
ajshdgj i need all the luck i can get omg -- //hordes it in a corner

haha but thank you, you too! <3333 your girl is such a cutie omg i love her aahhh <3
c-il Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
omg she's so cute!! i want to draw her already... :3c
meibellum Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
asdhgsjf thanks so much! ; 7  ; <333 ajshdgja i feel the same about your girl, what a cutie ~!
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