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BnT : Fujishima Maho by meibellum BnT : Fujishima Maho by meibellum

uwaaAH SO HERE SHE IS---my dorky little girl aahh <33 im actually quite proud of how she came out, i worked really hard-- aahh im already so attatched---////////
ah but yeah i hope you like her! feel free to comment or note me about a pre-rp ajhfdg jf-- :iconpapmingplz:

*Name: Fujishima Maho (藤島 真穂)

*Gender: female

103 lbs / 46.7 kg

 02 - 09

*Blood type:

4'11 and 1/2 " (though she always just says she's 5 feet)/ 151 cm

 15 (though almost 16!)


track and field (if it's too full though she'd be fine in basically any sport club haha > v <)

 blunt | hard-working | tom-boy | active | rude | stubborn | brave | kind-hearted

Maho may be a small girl, but her personality seems more fitting to that of one of her brothers! In fact, it was her brothers that helped shape many of her personality traits-- because she wanted so badly to keep up with them growing up, she'd work hard to be as sporty and active as they were. She enjoys sports very much because of this, and also because she's not incredibly smart or talented at anything else. She makes up for this though through her hard-working nature-- even if she's having trouble with school, she'll keep trying until she gets it. Maho is stubborn when it comes to this sort of thing, as well as pretty much everything else in her life. If she believes something, it'll take a strong person to change her mind. 
Growing up with all men in the house, she never had a strong female figure in her life, therefore she isnt very feminine at all. Also, because none of them had much use for manners, Maho never really learned any-- causing her to be very rude at times without realizing it. However, if it's pointed out to her, she'll apologize immeaditely. (except not to her grandma//HIT) She's also quite blunt because of the boys' influence-- they always spoke their minds, so she did too. Maho also is very brave-- though at times it can be a bad thing-- she wont always realize what she's getting herself into, but she does it anyway! For all her faults though, she really is a good person. She'll never intentionally hurt someone's feelings or at unkindly, and she always tries her best to do the right thing. 

+ sports, esp. running
+ taiyaki
+ her brothers and her father
+ dogs
+ pocky
+ eating
+ watching cartoons in the mornings
+ plums
+ white rice with duck sauce (it's kind of plain but she likes it a lot)
+ energy drinks
+ teasing people, esp. boys
+ horror movies
+ Pokemon
+ bugs 

- the strictness of her mother/grandmother
- bad weather/tempratures 
- pineapple
- chick-flicks
- soiled/wasted food
- honorifics/specific customs about manners (she has trouble remembering them)
- workaholics 
- dating sim games (she's never tried one, she just thinks the concept is weird)
- intentionally rude people
- card games
- her height being pointed out
- cowards
- soggy vegetables


Maho was the born as the youngest of 5 in Nakano, Tokyo– her mother was a business woman and her father was the gym teacher at the local high school, as well as coaching many different sports teams as the kids grew up. It was about a year after Maho was born though, that her mother received a big promotion at work, which would mean she'd rarely be home (about once or twice every two months), and would have to travel around and out of the country on a weekly basis. Because of this, Maho didn't have a strong feminine figure in her life, and ended up acting much different than the other little girls-- while the others in her preschool would be playing with dolls, she'd be running around with many of the boys outside and pushing them into the mud. Her brothers and her fathers didn't have very good manners at all, especially not around each other-- at the dinner table they'd be grabbing for food and shouting-- of course none of this minded this! With their strict mother away, they could act all crazy, and the family enjoyed their time together, even when the boys (and Maho) would get into fights.

Since all her brothers did sports in school, it wasn't surprising to anyone that Maho followed suit and excelled. Her father coached sports at whatever school his kids were at; since they were all close in age he was able to just go from school to school as they did. Though Maho enjoyed sports she wasn't much for the social aspect of it-- she preferred to be on co-ed teams because she felt more comfortable around the boys.

Then, during the middle of her last year in middle school, her mother got another promotion which meant she'd be at the center building of the company-- which meant she'd be living at home again. Before, Maho's mother wouldn't be home long enough to see the full capacity of Maho's rudeness-- but upon returning home permanently, she was appalled by her daughter's behavior. At first she tried to improve Maho's manners on her own, but it was no good—especially because her brothers manners were pretty poor as well. Maho didn't see why she had to be all polite if her brothers didn't, and so her mother was unable to change her daughter's mind.

Her solution was to send Maho to live with Ikura and Mai Akutagawa, Maho's incredibly strict and well-mannered grandparents, hoping maybe they would have some luck with the tomboyish girl. Maho was very unhappy and protested up until the day she left, but had been forced to settle in Koshu by the end of the summer. She's now beginning her first year at the local highschool, and she's mostly looking forward to doing sports at her new school.

Fujishima Nadeshiko {Mother 43} - very proper and good with business; seems quite cold, though she keeps her family's best interests at heart; her parents were very strict so she tried to be like them, even if they weren't around much; is the polar opposite from her husband but loves him very much--he's the only person who can make her laugh; she has a strained relationship with her children since she was never around, espcially with Maho
Fujishima Jiro {Father 41} - a goofy guy with a kind heart; loves his family and supports them 100%; misses his wife when she's away but because he loves her so much he wants her to be able to do what she wants espcially when it comes to her career-- he has overwhelming faith in her so he's not worried she'll cheat (she never has because she feels the same about him); is the kind of dad to keep everything his kids make for him and videotape all their sports games; cried when Maho left for Koshu
Fujishima Daiki {Brother 18} - baseball player since he was 4; super over-protective of Maho but doesnt show it unless she's in trouble; calmest out of all of the brothers
Fujishima Akimitsu {Brother 17} - super popular and a bit of a flirt; teases Maho all the time; football star on his school team
Fujishima Hiroki {Brother 16, twins with Kazuma} -  shyer at school, but at home he's the loudest out of all of them; very smart; does ice hockey (though not on a school team, it's outside of school) and figure skating; helps Maho with school but teases her a lot
Fujishima Kazuma {Brother 16, twins with Hiroki} - loud and outgoing, always up-beat; races Maho all the time but once she turns 13 she started being able to beat him; plays hockey with his twin and also does judo; really competitive with his siblings, espcially Maho

Akutagawa Iruka {Grandfather 82} - more mild-mannered than this wife; loves gardening and like to show Maho how; has been married to Mai since he was 18 and started dating her when they were 15
Akutagawa Mai {Grandmother 76} - like her daughter, a bit of a grump; very very very proper and traditional; is hard on Maho but does love her very much; Iruka is the only person she's openly affectionate with, runs a small-ish convience store, though they have enough money from Iruka's past as a lawyer to live comfortably 
Tanaka Eiji {Childhood Friend 16 } - her best friend since she was little--ever since she and him got lost together on their kindergarten's visit to the local elementary school; did track-and-field in middle school so he could be with Maho more; friendly guy though a bit of a pushover-- Maho liked him cause they could tease each other all the time and they lived really close to each other; has had a crush since the beginning of middle school, but when he tried to confess in their third year, she misunderstood-- so he decided to just stay friends instead of pursuing something ////stupid Maho/// ;was very upset upon finding out Maho had to go to Koshu, but promised her he'd call her every week-- he does a good job of it, though sometimes Maho forgets to answer//laughs

Additional Info:
- voice:
- allergic to bees
- likes how the kanji for "maho" in her name is the same as Maho Matsunaga's (J-pop idol)
- has a good metabolism considering she eats like a cow-- she would be chubbier though if she didn't excerise so much
- a huge daddy's girl
- her house in Nakano looks like this… it's a bit expensive, but her mother's good salary helped them afford it
- the only crush she's ever had was on a boy in middle school, but gave up when she overheard him saying how Maho was too much of a tomboy to ever get a boyfriend-- she's never tried dating because of this incident, also because she's never found anyone else she was sure she liked (she also says she'll never date someone who can't beat her in a race///laughs she's lying)
- has manners lessons with her grandma everyday for at least and hour--she hates it

- - -

aahh so yeah this is my girl! ; 7 ; she's a bit of a dork huge dork eee but if you want to rp let me know! <33

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meibellum Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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ahhhhhhh she sounds so fun to rp with---- 

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