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FnS: Qt Patooties by meibellum
FnS: Qt Patooties

i love them so much omg//////// there's my idiot bothering junya featuring frann trying to pass a basketball and kyougo being adorable

i used a picture from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun as reference! (minniemeorange.files.wordpress…) hope you all like! ; 777 ;

junya (c) hana-e
hanako (c) me
frann (c) ssyolk
kyougo (c) thejadedoptimist

the red string of fate tho///HIT
EE : Summer Memories by meibellum
EE : Summer Memories

sobs these cuties omg they kill me///////// thank you for doing this collab with me :iconapplerawr27: yoUR LINES ARE GORGEOUS <333 im so lucky to have worked with such a talented artist <3

Helping Out - 400 FP
►halfbody shaded [300g] + headshot shaded [250g] + simple background [50g]
When it becomes clear that Pandora is too tiny to reach the shelves she needs to, her tall friend Kouhei comes and lends a hand! What a nice guy!

Sea Sickness ? - 400 FP
►halfbody shaded [300g] + headshot shaded [250g] + simple background [50g]
Not being able to swim, Pandy decides to enjoy the ocean inside a circle float! However Kouhei quickly manages to become sea sick...

Vegetable Festival ! - 400 FP
►halfbody shaded [300g] + halfbody shaded [300g] + complex background [150g]
These silly kids decide to dress up as vegetables for the festival! And while searching around the market they find cute little fruit charms! 

+ fullbody chibi x 2 [350g] + complex background [150g] 

total gold =2,450g
total fp = 1200 FP

Pandora, sketch, shading (c) meibellum
Kouhei, lines, colors (c) AppleRawr27
FnS : Uehara Hanako by meibellum
FnS : Uehara Hanako

i couldn't help it ///// this group is too cute ashgdfg


[ Uehara , Hanako 
上原花子 ]
[ "fall down 9 times, get up 9 !!! wait no that's not right . . . ]


[Height] 150.5 cm           [Weight] 47.1 kg                [Eyecolor] Dark Brown
[Haircolor] Purpley Ash          [Bloodtype] B              [Birthday]  April 4th


[Year] I                       [Class] --                      [Club] Swimming, Kendo, Radio
[**ID#] --                       [GPA] 3.9                        [Locker#] --


Happy | Crybaby | Persistent | Friendly | Excitable | Overbearing | ???

Hanako is bubbly, to say the least. Always with a smile on her face, she loves to run around and make friends with anyone (or anything---) that she can! She's the type of person to be enthusiastic about anything, as long as it's presented with excitement, since she's probably one of the most excitable people you'll meet. Hana is just a happy girl; however, it doesn't take a whole lot to make her cry. She can misunderstand things easily and if someone says something mean to her, the waterworks will begin. It's not long before she perks up again though! She's also very persistent in everything she does, especially with friendships. Even if you don't like her and even if you make her cry, she'll keep trying to patch things up. This can cause her to be quite overbearing at times; she doesn't always realize how intense she is. Sometimes though, when she's alone, she finds herself sad for no reason...she doesn't understand it at all, and makes sure no one ever sees that side of her. Hana pushes down and away sad or troubling things; no time for that when she's got a peppy life to lead !


Hanako Uehara was born to a goofy young man named Jiro and his girlfriend of eleven months after a bit of an accident. She wasn't mean to be born; however when she was, her mother took off, not ready for the task of motherhood. While Jiro was a bit shocked by this turn of events, he immediately fell in love with being a father, and took care of Hana as well as any couple could've. He worked at a nature magazine as an assistant, though he wanted to be a photographer, and worked hard at his job to hopefully be promoted. This didn't leave him with a lot of time to spend with Hanako, but every moment they were together the two of them would go on wild adventures. When he was at work though, Hana would be babysat by her grandmother who lived in Seiki, a nearby town. The kind old woman loved to teach Hanako and read stories to her, and take her on walks outside. The little girl was consistently happy; between her grandma and her dad, she received 100% of the love she could ever want.

When Hanako turned 4 though, her father got promoted! To a photographer---who got to travel the world and take pictures for the magazine! It was a wonderful opportunity, however Jiro knew he couldn't take Hanako with him, since he didn't want to subject his young to that crazy lifestyle with only one parent. It took a lot of urging from his colleagues and parents, but he accepted the job. Hanako was sad; she didn't want to see her daddy go! But she did get to go live with her grandma in Seiki, which she was extremely excited about. So she said goodbye to her father, packed up her things, and left her old home behind.

Growing up in Seiki was a lot of fun for Hanako. She had a habit of getting in mischief often with her many many attempts at exploration and friend making. It wasn't uncommon for her to come home in tears with a snotty nose after tripping while running after a cat or some other animal. Her grandfather was a bit of a grump though, and tried his best to keep her in line. He ran a small plant shop which was connected to their house, and Hanako loved to help out there, even when she was little. She also had a neighbor her age who lived next to her...however she became frightened by him after she thought he was stalking her while waking home from school when they were in first grade. (she didn't realize he lived next door) She was a bit of a class clown a school, though not intentionally---her classmates didn't realize the dumb things she would say weren't meant as a joke. However it wasn't difficult at all for her to make friends, and Hana had a great time in school. Her father visited whenever he could as well, bringing back souvenirs from all over the world, and Hana was thrilled every time he came to see her. As she got older, she also realized the stalker boy was her neighbor, and she quickly decided they would become best friends.

After hearing about all of the mystery surrounding Seiki and her new school, her excitement level rose tenfold once she graduated middle school. Hanako couldn't wait to be a first year, and can't wait to get started!

🌼 MISC. 🌼


[Part-time Job] 
works at her grandfather's plant store which is right next to her home

🌟 has a pet venus flytrap named Bruce 
🌟 loves dancing but is really really bad at 
🌟 loves plants
🌟 has been doing sports since she was little
🌟 no sense of direction
🌟 is actually very intelligent and does well in school (as long as she doesn't forget to do her homework ... )
🌟 has a flip phone because her grandfather knows she'll break smartphone 
🌟 has matching keychains with Junya (which she forced him to put on his bag---)
🌟 her phone background is also her and Junya---
🌟 her clothes rarely match please teach this idiot fashion
🌟 puts stickers on EVERYTHING literally like everything if you don't want stickers on it you need to hide it from her


Uehara Jiro - [father] - Hanako IDOLIZES her father! She thinks he's the coolest person in the world, and any time he's home is a happy time. They talk on the phone all the time, and she isn't shy about bragging about him to anyone who will listen.

Yamada Ame - [mother] - She doesn't know her mother at all. She likes to make up reasons why she's not around and act like she doesn't mind, though that's not entirely true.
Uehara Kiyomi - [grandmother] - Hana loves this woman immensely. Her grandma was one of the main people who raised her, and Hanako sees her like a superhero...the nicest superhero ever!

Uehara Hajime - [grandfather] - Even though he's grumpy, Hanako loves her grandfather and never hesitates to tell him. Even when he karate chops her head when she's being a dummy, she still sees him as one of the most wonderful people in the world. He loves her too, even if he doesn't show it that well.

Manai Junya (hana-e) - [neighbor/BEST friend] - Hanako follows this boy around like a lost puppy. Ever since she found out he wasn't a stalker, the girl has made it her mission to make him her best friend. She is literally around him constantly; their balconies are across from each other, and she follows him pretty much everywhere. She cares about him more than she knows what to do with, and gets possessive very very very easily over him. Hana's very clingy with this one, and even if he makes her cry with his harsh words she can get through easily since she knows he doesn't mean to be hurtful.

Takashi Kyougo (thejadedoptimist) - [idiot squad] - Another person Hanako has deemed her best friend! After meeting when they both got distracted by a stray cat, the two became fast friends. Hana loves to get piggy back rides from her tall friend, and Kyougo never hesitates to help his "mouse" friend out. She thinks he's super cool with his piercings and tattoos, and is trying to convince her grandpa to let her get some. She also is trying to force him and Junya to be best friends as well. Of course Hana wants her two most important friends to be close!


Skype | Line | Notes | Comments | iScribble | Google Doc

im pretty much good with anything ! ^ v ^ this is the order of what i prefer tho ahaha
i usually do lit but i can do script if that's what's preferred !
headcanons are good for me too ! /// thumbs up

EE : Fix The Bridge Quest ! by meibellum
EE : Fix The Bridge Quest !

story quest: fix the broken bridge ! 

the little girl is surprisingly strong from all her time carrying stuff for deliveries back home! she doesn't know what else to do really since she can't build anything really ... but Pandy's happy to find another way to help ^ 7 ^

[ gold earnings ] 
shaded half body (300g) + complex bg (150g) + quest bonus (1000g + 10 material stone + 10 lumber) = 1450g

sobs crappy submission omg===

art, Pandy (c) me
EE : Cherry Blossoms by meibellum
EE : Cherry Blossoms

ayame's such a cutie so i did a sketch of her..which evolved i s /// im not used to doing backgrounds but i tried my best ahaha orz
i hope you like it nadeshikou ! <3 

[ gold earnings ]

clean colored sketch (150g) + complex background (150g) = 300g

- - - 
art (c) me
Ayame (c) nadeshikou
from :iconruichou:

raffle !!! ; 7 ; you must fav this journal if you want to participate and i'll be using a number generator to randomly pick 3 people from the fav list. Those 3 will get a surprise gift from me- be it a sketch/full drawing/pixel/chibi/etcetc -- HOWEVER! Those who participate must be willing to do the same for their watchers. That means that if you're chosen, you have to continue the chain by using these same rules.. the same for your watchers-- and so on. 

this is to thank all of my watched and everyone who's been here for me these past few years, thank youuuu  !!! <33

so yeah, just to clarify here are the rules !! 

1) Fav this journal if you want to participate
2) The winners will be randomly chosen by a number generator
4) The prizes will be surprise gifts from the artist- can be anything, really!
5) Those chosen will have to continue this chain using these same rules
6) Have fun! Remember the whole point of this is to show your appreciation!! ^Q^

so yeah, this'll be open for three days !! thank you for readingggggg/////

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