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RFA : Odaine by meibellum
RFA : Odaine

sobs i love rune factory and harvest moon groups so much// <333 also apparentlY A LOT OF BMV PEOPLE ARE JOINING??? which is so exciting aaa happy to see you all again! ; 7 ; i hope Odi is a proper replacement for Clover uhuhuhu///

N a m e : Odaine 
        N i c k n a m e : Odi, ??? [another name will be unlocked if you reach Fire Opal Heart in FP or LP]

A g e : says she's 19 [which is VERY far from the truth]
        H e i g h t : 5'1"
        W e i g h t : 102 lbs.

R a c e : a former Guardian, keeps this a secret; when asked about her species she'll claim she's a Wolf, but her true species is also a secret [unlocked at Ruby Heart in FP or LP]

B i r t h d a y : Spring 17

G e n d e r : Female

J o b/P o s i t i o n : Rich Girl

W e a p o n ( s ) : an ancient looking crystal sword that she takes very good care of; can also use her monster form in fights, however it's unclear if she ever will/what it is

P e r s o n a l i t y : Light-Hearted | Sweet | Good Listener | Helpful | Meek

Odaine is a generally very sweet and helpful person, and is willing to go to great lengths to look out for her friends. Conversations with her are usually quite happy and she's a reliable person to go to for advice, as she is quite a good listener. She's also a bit shy though, and while it's difficult to intimidate her, her fight-or-flight response usually results in her fleeing. However if people she cares about are involved, she'll try her best to stand up for them, though it doesn't mean she'll be less scared. Unless someone she loves in really really in danger, her true strength is stored away.

Secretive | Defensive | Jumpy  | A Bit Condescending  |  Dark

While she appears to be quite sweet, Odaine also seems to be hiding much about herself. When asked about her past she's quick to make things up with a smile, though if pressed further she will get very defensive. She's quite the guarded person, so if you catch her with her guard down it's easy to startle her. Odi can also be quite condescending at times, talking down to others as if she is much more than they'd think. However if she notices herself acting like this, she'll immediately apologize because it's not something she does at all on purpose. 
Also, getting to know her gradually shows that her cheery attitude is not all it appears to be...

B i o : "Oh um well---for a long time I lived with my family, which was huuuge! We traveled a lot, helping people out...ah but then we started splitting up cause living all together wasn't really working anymore. My parents left when I was younger to work for some rich people, so I lived with my grandfather for a while, until he got into some trouble so I had to go. I ended up here and worked for a while---and then Baku gave me the mansion to live in! Feel free to stop by anytime you like!"

[Odaine's background is a VERY well kept secret. The only one who knows even a little bit about it is Jessie; to learn about it reach Ruby Heart in FP or LP]

L i k e s :
- fruits and veggies
- cloudy days
- forests/big trees
- snow
- monsters

D i s l i k e s :
- jewelry stores
- cruel humans
- getting too close with people/snoops
- hot weather
- being waited on/doted on
- ghost stories

G i f t s :

L o v e s : Mined Minerals/Jewels/Crystals (ex. plain, jewelry, etc.)
"Wow...the care you put into this is amazing...t-thank you so much!"

L i k e s : Moondrop Flowers, Silk Scarf, Cooked Meat Dishes, Cabbage, Turnip Headgear, Jam Roll
"This is for me? That's so generous of you, thank you!"

D i s l i k e s : Weeds, Black Grass, Pickles, Straight Alcohol, Pumpkin Headgear
"Oh, how really shouldn't have."

H a t e s : Store-bought crystals (ex. jewelry, weaponry, etc.)
"H-how dare you---!!! This is disgusting!"

M a r r i a g e  R e q u i r e m e n t s :
- unlock Crystal event,True Name event and True Race event
- mine Silver and Amethyst and create a ring
- talk to her by the forest at night for another event
- proposal event in the Garden [unlocked at Ruby Heart] 

E x t r a :
a very skilled singer and ocarina player
- is extremely in tune with ores and crystals and their growth; talks about them like they're people [reach Fire Opal heart to unlock Crystal event]
- tail wags when she's happy
- gets nervous about ripping things with her horns
- she isn't easily scared, but ghost stories freak her out
- thinks Turnip Headgears are cute for some reason... and does NOT like their replacement Pumpkin Headgears
- spends a lot of time in the forest without disclosing why---also has a lot of money but has never explained how she got it
- is constantly telling the maid and butler of the mansion to be less formal with her
- her markings glow when she's in certain situations; ex. playing ocarina, around ores and the like, experiencing intense emotions

R P  P r e f e r e n c e : Skype and Notes are my main way, however I'm open for pretty much anything! also i LOVE headcanons too so hmu <333

R e l a t i o n s h i p s : *once she meets more people i'll make an official chart ! 

:bulletblack: - dislike :bulletblue: - acquaintance :bulletgreen: - friend :bulletyellow: - good friend  :bulletorange: - very close friend :bulletpurple: - top tier friend (top FP rank) :bulletpink: -crush :bulletred: - love (top LP rank)

Jessie Laceson : [Karma2Cooker] - :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletorange:- someone she's apparently known for a very long time...she calls him Baku, which indicates that they are close


aaa i'll update it every so often! hope you like her, and feel free to comment if you're interested in headcanons or rps! ; 7 ; cant wait to meet all of you! <333 /////////


art, Odaine (c) meibellum
group, app (c) Karma2Cooker
FnS: Hanako's Snapchat 1 by meibellum
FnS: Hanako's Snapchat 1
/ 200 points ! / 
my nerd invading :iconhana-e:'s child's home ahA GOOD LUCK WITH HER JUNYA//////
but yeah hope you guys like this glimpse into hanako's snapchat <3
EE : Harvest Festival Meme by meibellum
EE : Harvest Festival Meme

yaaay new outfit! she may not be smiling but at least she doesn't look angry this time---
as always feel free to message me if you'd like to rp/headcanon! <3

[gold calculator] 
fullbody shaded (450g) + festival meme bonus (50g) = 500g

art, Pandy (c) me
IB : Bambi Pignatelli-Ackerly by meibellum
IB : Bambi Pignatelli-Ackerly
here's my girl please treat her well :iconbeartumbleplz:
so yeah i absolutely loved this group but Henry was so hard to rp and be active with--- so i'm hoping that i can get in again and be active with Bambi here! ; 7 ;

- - -

  • Name : Bambi Rosetta Pignatelli-Ackerly
        • Age : 14
        • Gender : Female
        • Height : 5'1" / 155cm
        • Weight: 102 lb / 46 kg
        • Birthday: March 21
        • Nationality: Italian/British
        • House: Hufflepuff
        • Year: Fourth
        • Wand Ingredients - 
            - Core: Phoenix Feather
            - Length: 12 1/4 inches
            - Wood: Pine
            - Flexibility:  Pliant

        • Spells:
       Lumos Charm - LumosLianglang, or Chhalla    
   - creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered

       Four-Point Spell - The command 'point me' in any language
the caster is able to discern the true cardinal directions.

       Locomotor Charm
 - Locomotor
   - causes a specified object to move at the discretion of the caster, usually directed by movements of the wand.

       Stunning Spell - Stupefy, Checui, or Musphasqa
debate rages as to whether this is a charm, a jinx, or a hex - but it is considered one of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.

        • Personality
        Slow | Loyal | Cooperative | Kind | Patient | Spacey | Gullible | Trusting 
Bambi is honestly a sweetheart, even if she is a bit slow. It can take her a while to understand things completely, and she doesn't like to move on from a subject until she's sure she gets it. She's pretty spacey though, so sometimes she forgets things pretty quickly. People need to be patient with her since sometimes she'll zone out at inopportune times, but luckily she's a very patient person in return. If she's decided she likes you, she'll stick with you no matter what, even if you start treating her badly. She's extremely faithful, and it's almost impossible for her to think badly of someone that she's decided she likes. This curly haired girl is much too trusting and is extremely gullible; even if it sounds ridiculous, Bambi will listen and nod along with interest. she's basically a dog tbh

        • Background: Bambi's parents met at a pub in London on a rainy day. Her mother Alvina Ackerly, a 20 year old pureblood witch who was spending some time outside the wizarding world out of her interest for muggles, had taken shelter there from the rain. Bars were definitely not her type; Alvina was a more withdrawn sort of person and wasn't one to socialize with people she didn't know. However, her eye was caught by a woman at the bar; a tall Italian woman with tons of black curls, who was laughing loudly with a group of men and chugging beer. Again, definitely not her type, but for some reason Alvina was drawn to her and the way she completely lit up the room. After the woman (Teodora Pignatelli) caught the pale English-woman staring, she was immediately taken Alvina and left her group to go talk to her. And that was how their relationship began, which turned into two years of Teo courting Alvina and three months of dating before deciding to get married., and then settling down in London. 

However Alvina didn't tell Teo about her background as a witch for a long time, fearing it would scare Teo off. After a year of being married though she couldn't hide it anymore, and broke down in tears confessing everything to Teo. Who then also began crying, because she thought it was the coolest thing ever and couldn't believe she was actually lucky enough to be married to this amazing woman.
After a few more years, the couple decided they wanted a child, and through a sperm donor (a friend of Alvina's who was also a pureblood wizard), Teodora became pregnant. It was difficult for Alvina to get her wife to take it easy (in retrospect they realized it probably would've been calmed if Alvina was the one to carry their child), but regardless after nine months they had a healthy baby girl. They were originally going to name her Rosetta, but the sudden death of Teo's mother prompted them to name their child after her. Though her name was Antonia, everyone called her Bambi, so that's what they named their daughter.

Bambi was a bit of an odd child right off the bat. She loved playing with the other kids, but she had a habit of forgetting what she was doing while it was happening, or getting distracted by insects or animals at the park. This worried Alvina a bit, so Teo got her a kitten to keep as a companion, one that wouldn't mind if Bambi wasn't the best at tag or hide-and-go seek. Bambi was very pleased with her cat friend (who she named Marzia), and attempted to bring her into her preschool every time they had show and tell. 

It was the start of grade school when her parents' influences starting become apparent in the girl. Teo had been a football player for an female Italian team (she left that job after marrying Alvina to coach football at a highschool in London), and while Bambi did have trouble focusing at most things, football just clicked with her. However she had also gained her mother's patient nature, and her interest for new things (though Bambi took a very long time studying new things before moving on). Both mothers were hopeful that their daughter would develop magical abilities, which is partially why they asked their wizard friend to be the sperm donor. And lo and behold, their hopes were resolved after they got news that Bambi's first grade classroom got finger paint everywhere after "the paints seemed to just throw themselves around". However the little girl felt incredibly guilty about, not realizing what was happening. Once her parents explained about her mommy being a witch and how she would get to be a witch, Bambi was extremely interested and also extremely nervous. Alvina did her best to quell her daughter's fears, and for the next few years taught Bambi about the wizarding world and her own power. Bambi also made friends with the other girls on her football team, and though she was bullied a bit for her spaciness and slowness, her teammates always stood up for her.

Teo cried when Bambi got her Hogwarts letter, thrilled but also saddened that her little football player was going to be gone often for the years to come. Alvina also had a mix of emotions, but was excited that her daughter would be following in her footsteps as a witch. They helped prepare her for her journey and experience at Hogwarts, trying to make sure she'd be comfortable with the transition, but was mostly disappointed that she wouldn't get to play football with her team anymore. After a goodbye party with her parents and teammates (who thought she was just going away to boarding school), Bambi left for Hogwarts, her cat Marzia accompanying her.

The curly haired girl enjoyed her first few years at Hogwarts quite a bit. Being the spacey girl she was, many of the more sinister events occurring at school went over her head. She had fun learning more about magic and making new friends. Even bullies couldn't get her down...mostly because she never realized she was being bullied. Bambi also took quite an interest in Quidditch, and went to every game at Hogwarts, and also made her mothers take her to any pro-Quidditch game they could see. (Bambi cried out of excitement when she got to go to the Quidditch World Cup) She's adamant about making the Hufflepuff team, however she has never tried out, since her flying abilities were..lacing. Bambi's worked very hard to improve and hopefully make the team this year! She has a feeling her fourth year of Hogwarts will be special.

.        • Family
        Alvina Pignatelli-Ackerly - "Mum" - one of her mothers, intelligent and calm, though is a bit shy and blushes easily (her wife thinks it's adorable. She was a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts but left the wizarding world to study muggles for a while, and is currently trying to get some sort of job with Muggle Relations in the Ministry of Magic. She loves teaching her daughter new things, and Bambi and her get along well, though they would occasionally fight over Bambi's trouble paying attention in some of her academic classes.
        Teodora Pignatelli Ackerly - "Mamma" - her other mother, spunky and loud, and is enthusiastic about basically everything. Most of her friends are men or the women who were on her team for football, and brags about Alvina to literally anyone who will listen. A football coach at a highschool in London, but shares her daughter's interest in Quidditch as well. 
        Antonia "Bambi" Pignatelli - Grandmother (deceased) - Teo's mother, Bambi's namesake.
        Rufus Ackerly - Uncle, Alvina's sister - Bambi adores her uncle, a peppy Quidditch player who is thrilled by his niece's passion for Quidditch. A past Gryffindor student who played as a Keeper on the Quidditch team.
        Horace Bennett - Alvina's step-brother - a serious and smart man, doesn't communicate much with Alvina after she married a Muggle woman.
        Henry Bennett - Cousin - a grumpy Slytherin who Bambi writes letters to occasionally in an attempt to become friends.
        • Likes
Italian cooking
        - doodling (she's...not very good)
        - football
        - Quidditch
        - animals
        - reading, especially about new subjects
        - wearing scarves/puffy coats/being warm
        - Pixar movies
        - pretty much everyone aHA---

        • Dislikes
        - her hair
        - eating fish
        - house elves (she likes them as a species, she just doesn't like being waited on)
        - hotels
        - getting lost
        - people worrying about her/thinking she's helpless
        - rude people on reality tv
        - stories where bad things happen to nice people
        - radio ads

        • Elective Classes:
            - Care of Magical Creatures
            - Divination
        • Extra Curricular
            - Art
        • Pet: 
            - Name: Marzia
            - Species: Siamese Cat
            - Gender: Female
            - Personality: Affectionate | Protective | Friendly
        • Achievements:  none

and there's my girl! ; 7 ; i hope you all like her! <3
i'm almost always opens for rps and headcannons! i prefer lit. and i usually use skype or docs, but i'm up for basically anything.
good luck to all the applicants! here's hoping i'll get in as well ///

Bambi, art, history (c) me

SM : Electra by meibellum
SM : Electra
tshu has been talking to me about joining for so long so i finALLY PUT MY APP TOGETHER TADA///

i'll finish later :iconbeartumbleplz:
from :iconruichou:

raffle !!! ; 7 ; you must fav this journal if you want to participate and i'll be using a number generator to randomly pick 3 people from the fav list. Those 3 will get a surprise gift from me- be it a sketch/full drawing/pixel/chibi/etcetc -- HOWEVER! Those who participate must be willing to do the same for their watchers. That means that if you're chosen, you have to continue the chain by using these same rules.. the same for your watchers-- and so on. 

this is to thank all of my watched and everyone who's been here for me these past few years, thank youuuu  !!! <33

so yeah, just to clarify here are the rules !! 

1) Fav this journal if you want to participate
2) The winners will be randomly chosen by a number generator
4) The prizes will be surprise gifts from the artist- can be anything, really!
5) Those chosen will have to continue this chain using these same rules
6) Have fun! Remember the whole point of this is to show your appreciation!! ^Q^

so yeah, this'll be open for three days !! thank you for readingggggg/////

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Mapple Island - is an drop off zone 'finished' subjects. They are placed on the island but they do not knows why they are there yet it is going to show up more and more in the chapters and explain. Characters role play through the chapters finding hints and clues through exploration and reading through the chapters as well as Dairy or story entries made by Group leader(s). People are welcome to make productions and things like that but one of the group or subject goals is to find out why they are there but currently they do not know that is there goal and they are thinking more on survival. 

The current point of the role play is to make your character/everyone unaware to why they are on the island all they know for now is that no one else is there but themselves until they start meeting other subjects. The current goal is survival.

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