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EE: Take Care of Yourself ! by meibellum
EE: Take Care of Yourself !

Relationship between Kouhei and Pandora : +400 FP

one of the only instances where Pandy's face matches her mood///HIT
after realizing how much Kouhei accidentally hurts himself, Pandora decides to buy him some bandages and scold him for being a clutz---that boy is going to worry her to death.

but they finally reached acquaintances yaaay! ; 7 ; <3 i hope this comic is okay ahfgj i haven't really done them before . . . . orz
hope you like it ajhfgdj/////

Items Used
- bandages (liked)
-  to : Kouhei / from : Pandora

[ gold earnings ] 
panels x 2 (300g) + chibi panel (100g) + complex BG (150g) = 550g

Kouhei (c) :iconapplerawr27:
art, Pandora (c) :iconmeibellum:

EE : [DE 02] Lunch Together ! by meibellum
EE : [DE 02] Lunch Together !

Relationship between Kouhei and Pandora : +400 FP

s OB S LOVE THESE TWO//// <3333 kouhei is such a nice guy, cooking for his best friend Pandora! unfortunately his skills are a lil bit....lacking

but yeah this is a collab between :iconapplerawr27: and i ! im so happy to have had the chance to work with her, her lines are amaZING :iconasdfghplz: we have to collab again sometime soon yes yes yes <3

i've had a ton of fun with this event aaa can't wait for the next one! /// ; 7 ;

[ gold earnings ] 
Shaded Half x 2 (600g) + Kind-of-detailed ? BG (100g) + Event Bonus (50g) = 750g


lines, Kouhei (c) :iconapplerawr27:
colors, Pandora (c) :iconmeibellum:

YB : Iwahara Banri by meibellum
YB : Iwahara Banri

i love this group omg ///shoves my stupid girl at it 
here's hoping i get in! ; 7777 ;  

- - -
"what's the matter? if you're scared just say so! ♥ "

  • Name : Iwahara, Banri
  • Nickname : Bunny, Onee-chan, Riri
  • Age : 17
  • DOB : May 27th 1998
  • School Year : III
  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 5 ' 5 " / 165.1 cm
  • Weight : 128 lb / 58.059 kg
  • Orientation : if ur cute wink wonk
  • Gang : Capax Infiniti
  • Gum Flavor : Key Lime Pie
  • Rank : F
  • Yan : 0

Battling Style 
quick | smiley | surprisingly strong | gets weary quickly | doesn't like to give up | extremely dangerous when provoked
For the most part, Banri likes to move around and avoid actually hitting or getting hit. She keeps a cheerful disposition for the most part and will smile even if she's in pain; she likes to use mind games like that. However, she is in fact surprising strong due to her intense daily exercise and weight-lifting regiment. Banri doesn't use her strength often though, since she's still doesn't have much stamina in comparison. And her lack of stamina can prove to be troublesome for her especially since she hates to give up or lose a fight. Lastly, if you makes her outwardly angry (which is difficult to do), run and run fast. When intensely angered, she becomes brute-like and there's pretty much no stopping her until she calms down. Like this, she is a big danger to herself and anyone around her.

+sisterly | +sunshiney | +caring | +polite | - secretly impatient | - insecure | - manipulative | - vicious when provoked
Banri is normally seen as a ray of sunshine by those around her. She rarely raises her voice and encourages others to see her in a sisterly manner, especially those within her gang. Her gang is very important to her and cares very much about everyone, and takes an attack toward one of them as an attack on her. She's also extremely polite to everyone, however generally the people she genuinely care about are the ones in her own gang. Even though she's polite though, she can get impatient while waiting for things or people, but she won't let this show normally. In general, she hates to be negative, and if something negative rops up she'll play dumb for as long as she can get away with. She'll pretend not to notice upsetting things to avoid feeling bad.
However, beneath all that Banri is actually quite insecure, and is easily offended by things. She'll hold grudges against you for passing comments, all with a smile on her face. She's also quite manipulative when need be; if there's something she really wants she won't regret guilting someone into helping her out. What's worst about her though is what happens when you really make her mad. It isn't easy to do, but there are certain triggers (her gang knows them), and using one will send her into an unstoppable rage. Once in this state, she's extremely cruel and violent and it's very hard to calm her down. If you're the one who caused it, you've pretty much forever wrecked your relationship with her; she's extremely sensitive to certain things, so tread carefully with her.
  • Likes :
    • vegetables
    • taking care of her hair
    • helping out her friends
    • being called "Onee-chan"
    • cute girls
    • rabbits
    • children/baby animals
    • otome games
    • grocery shopping
    • the ocean
    • exercising, especially weights and running
  • Dislikes :
    • junk food/red meat/things high in fat, carbs, calories, etc.
    • her weight
    • being kept waiting for too long
    • wearing tights
    • middle school
    • airplanes 
    • boats

Banri was born to a middle-class couple in Kamakura, Kamagawa near the end of March, during high tide. They lived in a small home by the sea, which Banri enjoyed ever since she was little, and growing up she'd spend much of her time down by the ocean. Her father, Kenji, was a nervous-type man who owned a small sea-side store in the downstairs of their home, aimed toward tourists as well as full time residence. However, his wife, Hiromi, was a business woman and his polar opposite, and she was very discontent with their calm and cute lifestyle. Banri, being a perceptive child, took notice of this easily but pretended not to. It wasn't until she was 6 when it finally became an unavoidable problem; her mother left their family for a man that she worked with, devastating her father.

However, instead of moping around, he decided to focus his life on his store and his daughter, which ended up making him happier than he had ever been with his grumpy wife. Banri was distraught at first as well, but she soon grew used to the lack of her mother's presence. Even though she missed her a lot, she would pretend not to in order to keep her father happy and not upset him. Banri's father treated her extremely well, and Banri was happy and well-loved. Starting school was a different story though. She has a very rough time all through elementary school and middle school; she was bullied constantly and cruelly, and was alone almost all of the time. Her father never knew of this though, because Banri pretended everything was okay to avoid upsetting him.  And even though she was extremely unhappy at school, she was able to stay out of trouble for her father's sake.

It wasn't until her father's store was harshly vandalized by some of her bullies that Banri finally had enough. This lead her father found out what had been happening to his daughter all these years, and appalled the man decided it was best to get out of that town to provide a better life for Banri. She agreed to leave; however, she made sure to get her revenge before she did. Though it was only a small thing (spreading some nasty rumors about them all through the school) that blew over in only a month, Banri loved the sense of power she got from it. It was her first taste of delinquency, and she was excited to pursue it in her new home.

Upon moving, Banri worked extremely hard to make sure in this new town she wouldn't be bullied, changing her appearance and outward personality. However, just because she was extremely sweet and sunshiney didn't mean she had lost interest in chasing the great feeling revenge had brought her. After learning about the gangs at Yankee Bust in her 1st year of school, Banri decided to join Capax Infiniti, to be with like-minded people as well as having allies who wouldn't turn on her. Getting into fights and causing trouble was also extremely fun for her, giving an outlet for all the pain she experienced growing up. Her favorite part would be pushing the blame onto others and smiling her way out of bad situations. Banri was always careful to avoid getting blamed mostly because she didn't want to cause her wonderful father any trouble. Now she's having a great time in her new town and school. Close friends and delinquency? What could be better?

  • Trivia :
    • hates traveling because she gets motion sickness easily
    • exercises everyday for about two hours, has a very vigorous and strict routine 
    • loves being around people but doesn't like feeling tied down
    • her father is very important to her, looks out for him above all else
    • resents her mother and refuses to contact her
    • double D chest
    • her infinity symbol is a tattoo on her left shoulder
    • loves swimming, especially in the ocean
    • keeps her bandanna in her bag so teachers/her father/others don't see she's affiliated with a gang; when she wears it though it she ties it around her head into a bow
    • tba !!!
  • Items :
    • bandanna
    • pack of key lime pie gum
    • cellphone with lots of cute charms on it
    • bobby pins
- - -

we E PS OKAY THAT'S IT/////// i need to edit so much omg mods please forgiv E ME --- 
:iconbeartumbleplz: um but yeah! ; v ; if you want to rp feel free to let me know, im good with pretty much any method! <3

art, Banri (c) me
EE: Highschool AU Pandora by meibellum
EE: Highschool AU Pandora

i love this highschool au so much omg////// if anyone wants to rp or headcannon let me knowww! <3


Name: Pandora Musgrove
Grade: 11th
Age: 15

► skipped 5th grade which was kind of an awkward transition, she had trouble making new friends (or making any at all ever///HIT)
► insanely good at math and chemistry and is generally very smart, but not athletic even a little bit 
► a HORRIBLE dancer
► father works at the post office, mother works as a music teacher
► enjoys acting, singing, and playing the fiddle but is very shy about it all
► still has a grumpy face but is less intimidating 
► insists on getting a 96 or higher on everything, or else she beats herself up about it
► often times watches over her siblings since her parents are busy most of the time; Uma, Calloway and Birch are blood related to her, while Franny, Hamish, and Hilda are adopted

► tutors Rizts, even though he doesn't really need tutoring...
► can't swim until Ian from the swimming club teach her
► childhood friends with Kouhei (who is the only person she'll sing in front of---)


i'll probably add more later but yeah that's my little dweeb ashfddfgs///take care of her please !

[ gold earnings ]
fullbody shaded (350g) + halfbody shaded (300g) + meme bonus (25g) + event bonus (50g)
total = 675g
EE: QT Nasu by meibellum
EE: QT Nasu
so this is for an art trade with :iconnoizi: ! i've had like zero free time lately but managed to squeeze this in////// this was pretty fun to do too haha so yeah i hope you like it! ; 7 ; nasurin is literally the cutest omg <333

[gold earnings]
shaded halfbody (?)(300g) + simple bg (50g) = 350g


art (c) me
nasurin (c) noizi

from :iconruichou:

raffle !!! ; 7 ; you must fav this journal if you want to participate and i'll be using a number generator to randomly pick 3 people from the fav list. Those 3 will get a surprise gift from me- be it a sketch/full drawing/pixel/chibi/etcetc -- HOWEVER! Those who participate must be willing to do the same for their watchers. That means that if you're chosen, you have to continue the chain by using these same rules.. the same for your watchers-- and so on. 

this is to thank all of my watched and everyone who's been here for me these past few years, thank youuuu  !!! <33

so yeah, just to clarify here are the rules !! 

1) Fav this journal if you want to participate
2) The winners will be randomly chosen by a number generator
4) The prizes will be surprise gifts from the artist- can be anything, really!
5) Those chosen will have to continue this chain using these same rules
6) Have fun! Remember the whole point of this is to show your appreciation!! ^Q^

so yeah, this'll be open for three days !! thank you for readingggggg/////

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