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EE: QT Nasu by meibellum
EE: QT Nasu
so this is for an art trade with :iconnoizi: ! i've had like zero free time lately but managed to squeeze this in////// this was pretty fun to do too haha so yeah i hope you like it! ; 7 ; nasurin is literally the cutest omg <333

[gold earnings]
shaded halfbody (?)(300g) + simple bg (50g) = 350g


art (c) me
nasurin (c) noizi

TH : Maeda Chihiro by meibellum
TH : Maeda Chihiro
uwaaa ty ty ty :iconhanapopo: for telling me about this lovely group and inviting me in! ; 777 ; hope you guys like my girl eeek :iconbeartumbleplz: i dont really like the art i did for her aaA SO I'LL UPDATE LATER///


Name: Maeda Chihiro

Age:  16

Date of birth: 
May 21st

2nd year 




 president of baseball club, band (side note if you're in baseball club she will woRK YOU TO THE BONE GOOD LUCK AHA///)

stubborn - hard-worker - competitive - perfectionist - focused - insecure - lonely - easily jealous

Chihiro is a driven young girl who refuses to lose. She doesn't like people or emotions or anything else getting in her way and she works incredibly hard to make sure everything goes well for her and the people she cares about.(in fact sometimes she overworks herself to the point where she gets sick, but even then she keeps working...) She sometimes comes off as grumpy to people she doesn't know well, but once you've become friends with her you can see that she's a very devoted friend. She's also quite insecure which is why she tries to overcompenstate by being the best at everything she does. Her stubborn nature also tends to put people off so it can be hard for her to make friends, and she'll try to act like she doesnt care (she does care she cares a lot o o p s) When she does make friends though she becomes pretty posessive and jealous, because she's afraid they'll leave her since she doesn't see many redeeming qualities in herself

(short for now ajshdfgj i might elaborate more later---)
Chihiro grew up in a house in Tokyo with her parents, both high-ranking employees at the same company, and her little sister Momoka, living a fairly calm life. Calm mainly because there was no source of conflict, since her parents were rarely around. Even as a child, babysitters and sleepovers with her uncle and cousins were the norm. This lead Chihiro to kind of lead the household most of the time; she learned to take care of most of the chores as well as look after her sister. However she longed for her parents' attention, and once grade school started she tried her hardest to become talented and impressive; she took music lessons at school to learn violin, she joined many sports clubs until she stuck with baseball, and she even got straight A's in every class she took. It was never enough though, and despite her efforts, Chihiro was usually left alone. Her focus on being the best caused her to accidentally alienate other students, which left her with no close friends by the end of middle school. This was made worse once her sister was discovered by a modelling agency when she was 10, and soon began travelling the world with that agency doing shoots for multiple magazines. Upon reaching highschool age though, Chihiro found that she was elligble to apply to Todokawa because of her outstanding academics, and quickly decided that she would attend and be the best student the school had ever seen!

+ vegetables
+ being the best/winning
+ cute hair accesories 
+ classical music
+ ramen shops
+ baseball
- her curly hair
- losing
- people interupting her
- anchovies
- messes
- watching tv

- Maeda Ume -
mother - tense relationship, they don't get along very well and never have
- Maeda Taichi - father - distant relationship, her parents really only speak to each other and ignore their children, less found of him than her mother though
- Maeda Momoka - little sister - loves her sister to death and is severely protective of her, but is also a bit jealous of her beauty and her easy-going nature
- Aisaka Noriko - cousin - close with her cousin and tries to keep an eye on her, since she's a bit of a worrywart. Lives with her mother though, so Chihiro only sees her when she visits her dad in Tokyo

- Maeda Futaba - rival (not related) - next-door-neighbor and rival, she and him make EVERYTHING into a competition--- however, deep down they are friends. She loves figuring out ways to be better than him and will tease him for anything she is able to. Had a crush on him when she was like 5 but after a mean comment from him she did a 180 and now they're 100% platonic rivals to thE VERY END. HATES that they share the same last name.

- plays violin
- has always wanted to straighten her hair but is too embarrssed to ask for help
- very bad with first impressions w e e ps///
- thinks she's really ugly (easy to think that since both her mother and sister are gorgeous cr ies) so doesn't put much effort into her appearance 
- super strict with others when they're involved with her, ex. group projects, clubs, etc.
- voice : shimoda asami


aaa so that's my girl! ; v ; please take care of her uwaaa :iconuhuhuhuplz:
feel free to omment/note me if you're interested in rping! ; 777 ; 
thanks for reading! <3

EE : Headshot Set 1 by meibellum
EE : Headshot Set 1

laughs sorry for the eclair spam omg///
here's some headshots i drew before i got accepted ! i forgot to post them aha--- but i hope you guys like them! ; 7 ;
if anyone from ee would like one, feel free to request in the comments!

[ gold earnings ]
coloured sketch headshot(100g) x 4 
total = 400g

pandy, art (c) me
piper (c) Dulcetto
poppy (c) visiface
nasurin (c) noizi
EE : Genderbend Meme by meibellum
EE : Genderbend Meme

we e p s im not so good at drawing boys orz/// but this is genderbent Pandora --- so Pandore i guess? idk aAA 
he's basically the same as Pandy except he inherited his father's height so he's tall ; v ;

[ gold earnings ]
halfbody shaded (300g) + fullbody flat chibi (175g) + meme bonus (25g) 
total = 500g

pandora/e, art (c) me 
meme (c) pachisu
EE : Pokemon Meme by meibellum
EE : Pokemon Meme

so originally i was going to make Pandy a Skiddo--- but then after seeing Shaymin's color-scheme i realized it might work for her a little better ahaha/// her grumpy face transferred to her Pokemon self too we e ps 

[ gold earnings ]
chibi fullbody (250g) + meme bonus (25g)
total = 275g

pandy, art (c) me
meme (c) Yen-Cat
from :iconruichou:

raffle !!! ; 7 ; you must fav this journal if you want to participate and i'll be using a number generator to randomly pick 3 people from the fav list. Those 3 will get a surprise gift from me- be it a sketch/full drawing/pixel/chibi/etcetc -- HOWEVER! Those who participate must be willing to do the same for their watchers. That means that if you're chosen, you have to continue the chain by using these same rules.. the same for your watchers-- and so on. 

this is to thank all of my watched and everyone who's been here for me these past few years, thank youuuu  !!! <33

so yeah, just to clarify here are the rules !! 

1) Fav this journal if you want to participate
2) The winners will be randomly chosen by a number generator
4) The prizes will be surprise gifts from the artist- can be anything, really!
5) Those chosen will have to continue this chain using these same rules
6) Have fun! Remember the whole point of this is to show your appreciation!! ^Q^

so yeah, this'll be open for three days !! thank you for readingggggg/////

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